Creative Elements 2.10.1 : Introducing Category Page Builder and More

Version 2.10 brings the Creative Elements experience even further to the Listing Pages of your PrestaShop stores, such as the Category page, Brand page, Search result pages, and custom pages such as Price Drop, New Products and Best Sellers.

Listing Page Builders

Without doubt, the most awaited feature of the new version is the Category Page Builder. As PrestShop has a wide diversity of listing pages and the category page is one of them, we have developed a system to create interoperability between the different types of listing pages, with reusability in mind. 

The advantages of this approach is that you can create a completely custom Category Page if you want, but if you prefer something different, you can create a generic Listing Page that you can use on your Brand Page, Search result page, Best Sales page, Discounts page, or New Products page as well.

These new builders add 20 brand new widgets and a few Dynamic Tags to the existing widgets, helping you to create the most diverse listing pages ever on PrestaShop.

To give you a better idea of what the system can do, we've created some category pages where you can try out the different features.

Creating Enhanced Category Pages

Let's dive into an example using the Electro template pack.

On the left-hand side, you'll notice two double sliders for price and weight filtering, providing precise control over your search parameters. Additionally, the color picker filter features a sleek inline layout with rounded selectors, offering a seamless browsing experience.

We've implemented a unique color recognition system that distinguishes between light and dark shades, allowing you to assign different colored checkmarks as needed. Customize your filters to automatically expand upon page load, ensuring visitors can easily refine their search criteria.

Dynamic color swatches

For tablets and mobile devices, the filter system seamlessly transitions into a convenient sidebar format, accessible via a toggle button for effortless navigation. Active filters are prominently displayed above the product list, fully customizable to match your brand aesthetic. On mobile devices, scroll functionality is available to optimize screen space and enhance user experience.

In our next example, we'll delve into the Furniture template pack's category page, similar in structure to the Electro category page, but with notable distinctions.

At the top, a dynamic subcategory grid facilitates easy navigation for stores housing diverse product ranges. Beneath lies a customizable category description section, offering tailored information for each category courtesy of Creative Elements.

Rather than traditional pagination, a convenient "Load More" button awaits below the product list, simplifying product exploration. Alternatively, the "Infinite Scroll" feature continuously loads additional products as customers scroll down the page.

For more detailed information about the features, please visit the Category Page Builder page.

Product Page Improvements

We're thrilled to unveil a host of new features designed to elevate your product pages to new heights.

First up, we're introducing Product Variation with product images. You can now easily showcase the different color variations of your products with the corresponding images instead of just the color shades, providing customers with a comprehensive view of available options.

Product variation with images

Enhancing customization options, we've introduced a versatile "Product Customization Widget." This widget empowers customers to personalize products according to their preferences, offering a more interactive shopping experience.

We've made some handy improvements to the Product Images widget as well. Now, you can scroll through thumbnail images using your mouse-wheel. Plus, on mobile, you can choose to hide the thumbnails, saving space and making browsing easier.
According to EU regulations, the unit price for some product types must be displayed, now this is also possible with the Product Price widget.

Another notable improvement is the ability to create lightbox groups, allowing you to showcase images from different widgets in a unified, easily navigable lightbox gallery.

With these upgrades, creating engaging and user-friendly product pages is simpler than ever. Elevate your online store and provide customers with an enhanced shopping journey they'll love.

Image Gallery Revamp

Among many other things, the Image Gallery widget has been completely redesigned, allowing you to create layouts never seen before. In addition to labels, you now have the possibility to add extra descriptions in the redesigned widget. A lot of animations have also been added to the widget to make your content even more varied. If you've been using a call-to-action widget on your main page to display your categories or collections, you might want to consider using this new Image Gallery widget, as you can simplify your DOM and make it even more mobile-friendly thanks to the new Overflow Scrolling parameter.

Take a look at some example layouts below:

Backdrop Filter feature for elements background

You can now use the backdrop-filter css property on all elements, including sections, columns and widgets, that have a background. This property is also used to create the header at the top of this page, which gives a transparent frosted glass effect. Or if the image behind a text layer is too detailed, you can use it to make it more readable.


We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements that we have introduced in Creative Elements 2.10.1. We are very eager and excited to see how you will build listing pages and galleries with these new tools. Check out the full changelog for all the details on these new features and improvements.