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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently accept payments with Credit/Debit Card (Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB®), check, money order, purchase order or PayPal.

Sure you can! The point is that a license is valid for one production and one development site. If you need a volume license, please contact us.

Of course you can modify certain parts of your webshop as you wish. It could be a Header, Footer, Product page, a CMS page, etc.

One license is valid for one production and one development website.

The module is compatible with the most popular blog modules, like PrestaBlog, ETS Blog, Advance Blog, Xip Blog, St Blog, ThemeVolty Blog.

Yes, you can use it, but you will not be able to import the Premium Templates or access the Product Support. This is why we recommend you to renew your license.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the most efficient and fastest support, give as much detail as available - be it screenshots or even videos. If you assume that your problem needs deeper debugging, you can also give access to your website and FTP right away. We'll only use it if it's actually necessary anyways.

Yes, it is 100% safe! The communication between our site and your computer is encrypted by SSL, which is a standard technology for keeping the internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent.

The module is backwards compatible, so an update won't be a problem, you won't lose your templates and the created content. It is nevertheless advisable to make a backup of your website.

We have plenty of useful tutorial videos on our youtube channel, where we guide you through the creation of some of the main pages:
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You can do that in the Settings of the module, clicking on the 'License' tab. You'll need the date and the ID of your order to complete.

Request for a proposal (RFP)

We've put together some hints if you need a little help on how to write a good quote request.

While you may be tempted to launch into a five-page introduction about your brand, it’s a better idea to cut to the chase and make your RFP  simple, clear and direct.

Although it may feel like giving too much information away, having a clear budget included in your RFP will make it easier to build our pricing within your financial capacity, providing a solution to achieve your goals.

While your budget and timeline are important, your goals and the complete scope of your project make up the heart of your RFP.

These details highlight the scale of how big or small your website project is and the web design services your project needs.

Before you start writing a wish list for your new website, determine what you want your website to do.
Choose your prioritized goal and add secondary goals as needed.

While writing your RFP, questions might pop up along the way about specific platforms, functionalities or tools.

Consider adding a questionnaire to your RFP to further facilitate the time of the estimation, but limit these questions to no more than 10. Ask for recommendations, ensure your questions are open-ended and highlight the output you’re looking for.

Be honest with the challenges your brand is currently facing. Is your navigation confusing? Don't like the current look of your site? Can't change the content to your liking?

Addressing issues in your RFP will help us pinpoint the key focus areas so we can recommend strategies for improvement.

These information would only be crucial if your existing website needs some custom development. This case, make sure you provide the followings:
 - URL of your website
 - Creative Elements' Order ID
 - PrestaShop version
 - Name of your theme

It can cut down on the amount of questions, and it can ensure that your visions are implementable in your current webshop environment.