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Build every part of your footer with Creative Elements.

Link Lists

Effortlessly organize and showcase essential information on your website footer with the Icon List widget. Curate and design important links such as return policies, terms and conditions, shipping information, FAQs, and even product categories.

Email Subscription

Fuel your mailing list and connect with customers using the Email Subscription widget. Seamlessly place and design an email subscription form within your footer. This feature empowers you to build a strong subscriber base, facilitating direct communication and fostering customer engagement for your business growth.

Shop Logo

Present your shop's logo and customize its appearance in the footer as well. A well-placed logo in the footer strengthens your brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors.

Social Icons

Boost online presence and connectivity with the Social Icons widget. Place social media icons in your footer for easy access to your brand's social channels. Promote engagement and expand your brand's online community effortlessly.

Language selector

Easily place a language switcher in your footer, allowing visitors to navigate your site in their preferred language.

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Craft a distinctive header using our extensive collection of widgets, allowing you to create a truly unique and captivating online shopping experience.

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